2018. Winter and Spring. - davidarmitage

Waxing Moon over Storm Clouds. May 27th & 28th. 2018.

A long weekend of big clouds and storms.

As the warm May Bank Holiday continues. An early walk around Otford followed by a cool walk by the river and under the trees at Lullingstone.

May 26th. 2018.

A walk between the Great Wood and Rowdow Wood above Otford.

A walk from Filston Farm, up Polhill Bank and then through Pilots and Meenfield Wood.

May 24th. 2018.

The cows return to the fields off Pickmoss Lane.

Walks between Dunton Green and Lullingstone through the month of May. Bluebells in the woods and Spring lambs in the fields. A mixture of infrared photography with the converted Fuji XT20 and colour with the Nikon.

April 14th. 2018.

A square patch of grass grows before the field is turned for new crops. Photographed with the Fuji XT20 converted to infrared.

A short break to West Sussex over a very wet and cold Easter weekend. Staying in West Marden where the Victoria Inn serves excellent food and drink.


Trips to Chichester Cathedral and the small historical churches of  St Michael at Up Marden and St. Peter at Racton.


The next village along is Rowlands Castle with a very good tea room called descriptively 'Tea on the Green' !

Late snow was a reminder that Winter was not yet past.

The female Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) was back at the stream. But there was less sign of the Barn Owl (Tyto alba) in the local fields.

The Barn Owl continues to hunt in the local fields. I make occasional trips over to the stream to see the Kingfisher and the Moorhen.

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